BrewDog plays hard to get with hidden bar

Scottish Highlands activation teases consumers via social media to track down its gin.

BrewDog: hidden activation
BrewDog: hidden activation

BrewDog Distilling Co is serving up its LoneWolf gin from a hidden bar in the Scottish Highlands.

The pop-up will be giving out free gin to any visitors who manage to locate it via daily clues sent out across the brand's social media channels. A year’s supply of gin can be won by the first five adults who solve the riddles and locate the bar.

The "LoneWolf gin bar", open during 19-20 September, will offer classic gin-based drinks and aims to take visitors on a journey "cultivated by nature and its diverse range of local Scottish ingredients".

David Gates, managing director of LoneWolf, said: "The team wanted to take the idea of a pop-up and turn it on its head, using it as an opportunity to take visitors on a journey of discovery, through piecing the clues together, and the event we will be hosting at the other end.

"The bar is completely rooted in the nature that has so inspired LoneWolf, giving us the unique opportunity to combine our inspiration with our product, and we’re looking forward to taking everyone who finds us on the journey from grain to glass."

The bar was created in partnership with the Portnellan estate.