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How to bridge the gap between content and connectivity

WarnerMedia is bringing its best-in-class programming under a new service that changes the entire viewer experience

How to bridge the gap between content and connectivity

WarnerMedia is the future of the media industry. It has one mission: deliver the best stories to audiences around the world.

It’s Game of Thrones, The Wire, Westworld. It’s CNN, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, TNT, Turner Sports. It’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, CONAN, Rick & Morty. And it’s Scooby Doo, Pokémon, Peanuts. It’s some of the most loved content in the world. WarnerMedia offers something for everyone.

People can now connect with content – and brands – in more ways than ever before. WarnerMedia is bringing a fresh approach to how the media and entertainment industries work for consumers, content-creators, distributors and advertisers, bridging the gap between content that everyone loves and connectivity.

It can combine premium content, direct-to-consumer relationships, advertising technology and innovation to deliver a personalised and engaging experience for audiences across any channel, on any platform and in any format they wish.

One example of this is the launch of WarnerMedia’s as-yet unnamed streaming service – a digital home for its premium content, and a rival to Netflix and Amazon, due to launch next year. It will be a go-to media hub.

Campaign talks to the leaders and culture-shapers at WarnerMedia to uncover the truth behind its aspirations, challenges and opportunities. Content, advertising, brand and innovation chiefs explain how it is adapting in the changing media landscape and what that means for audiences and advertisers.


With Kevin Reilly, president, TBS, TNT and TruTV, and chief content officer, WarnerMedia direct-to-consumer

Our audience is everyone We service the full audience life cycle – from kids, to Gen Z and young adults to older adults.

Our content strategy aims to please the whole family From HBO’s premium, award-winning shows at the core of our offering, to our massive, rich library of blockbuster film titles and hit television series, to new, high-quality originals that will light up on a regular basis, this will not be a niche streaming service. It will be a service everyone in the family will enjoy. 

We are WarnerMedia now but our brands will continue to create the programmes our fans love Our new streaming service will be an addition to our portfolio, working together with our powerful brands to continue to service new, and existing, audiences like never before. 

Simplicity is key Consumers want more ease in navigating, and connecting to content in what at times feels like an overwhelming environment. Entertainment should not induce stress! 

A talent-first enterprise This is a place where storytelling is king. We are in the longevity game with our talent to create long-term value by keeping content fresh and finding new audiences.


With Donna Speciale, president of ad sales, WarnerMedia

WarnerMedia is set up to solve for every marketer’s needs And offers a wide range of niche content that attracts every member of the family. When you combine that premium storytelling with AT&T’s 170 million consumer relationships and data and insights from Xandr, you see a powerful opportunity take shape for marketers.

We’ve always had a history in great storytelling and content We’re fortunate to have a complete art and science offering that connects marketing messages to people in relevant formats. That leads to the optimal advertising experience for viewers and marketers.

We have a blank canvas with our direct-to-consumer product As we build toward an ad-supported, direct-to-consumer product in 2020, we start with a blank canvas, and have the opportunity to revolutionise modern media advertising. Our goal is to use all of our ad tools and our platforms to create an experience that matters to people.

Be where your audience is The only way for advertisers to reach and engage consumers today is to be on multiple platforms, around and in the content that audiences are highly engaged with.

Choice is advertising’s biggest challenge Viewers have more choices, but advertisers also have more choices as to where to place their message. That’s why fewer, bigger partnerships will come into play more and more for marketers.


With Molly Battin, chief corporate marketing and brand strategy officer, WarnerMedia

Enormous changes bring great opportunities The media-landscape evolution requires ongoing transformation of our business. WarnerMedia will continue to evolve to optimise our growth and maximise the benefits of our new combined company.

We must protect iconic brands like HBO, TBS, and CNN We’re committing to growing these brands to help them prosper, and working to make disparate businesses work together. But it is a good challenge. Having all these great brands, with technological and creative power under one umbrella, gives us the ability to become a more agile company, which can easily adapt to shifting consumer demands.

We’re commanding the attention of large and diverse audiences We will continue to invest in, curate and accelerate the development of premium content that passionately engages them, too. We need to enrich audiences’ lives authentically as well as genuinely adding relevance to their everyday reality. Get it right, and you foster the crucial connection – you create true advocates, genuine fans, of the brands they’re investing in, on both an emotional and deeply personal level. We’re in a very strong position to deliver this: our vast library of content includes a wide breadth of genres that lead the industry – from documentaries, thrillers, comedy and drama, to kids, family and romance. Brands that turn consumers into advocates thrive the most.


With Jesse Redniss, executive VP, data strategy, WarnerMedia and general manager, WarnerMedia Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab serves as a next-generation playground It’s a space for our creative, tech and strategy leaders across WarnerMedia, as well as outside partners, to come together and make great things happen. In time, we look forward to revealing more about our physical space and new capabilities to help accelerate this growth.

Our core goal is to incubate the future of storytelling today New technology, data and creativity officer new ways to unlock how storytelling can thrive and grow within emerging formats and platforms, and explore what personalisation looks like across these new environments.

One of our first partners is the NBA This innovation builds on Turner Sports’ long-standing relationship with the league. We have already made strides in previous seasons, transporting basketball fans courtside through virtual reality, among many other innovations. We’re exploring what’s next for sports media beyond the physical court. Using AT&T’s internet of things infrastructure, connected car partners and connected environments across stadiums, airports and cities, there is a ripe opportunity to shape the future of localised content, real-time interactivity and immersive fan experiences.