British Red Cross recreates a refugee camp

Immersive exhibition to highlight the experiences of refugees in Bangladesh.

Red Cross: refugee camp installation
Red Cross: refugee camp installation

The British Red Cross has recreated a refugee camp to highlight the experiences of displaced people in Bangladesh.

The pop up, in Westfield Stratford City, uses sight, touch and sound to let visitors "experience the journey made by thousands of fleeing refugees".

It also features real stories of people who journeyed to the Cox’s Bazar camp in Bangladesh after violence erupted in 2017 in Rakhine state in Myanmar.

A typical shelter has been erected and visitors can can watch video interviews with refugees.

Jack Frith-Powell, programme manager for Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh at the British Red Cross, said: "This installation will highlight a situation that can seem remote and confusing, but by giving the public a chance to hear real stories and walk into this world, we can bring this humanitarian situation to life."

The installation is running until 18 August and is being delivered by Ministry of Fun.