Britney turns Facebook fans into revenue opportunity

LONDON - Britney Spears has found a way to parlay her vast popularity on Facebook into a revenue raising opportunity by selling 'virtual gifts' for $2 (£1.20) a pop.

Britney, who has just shy of 2m fans on Facebook, has launched a range of branded gifts that can be sent between users of the social networking site.

There is one free gift available, an image of the biker's hat often worn by the singer in her stage shows.

The rest cost 20 credits, or $2, and include a birthday cake, a picture of the schoolgirl uniform famously worn in the 'Baby One More Time' video and photos of the singer.

Amassing a vast following on Facebook or Twitter was once seen by celebrities as an end in itself -- given the possibilities for self-promotion directly to their target audiences.

But if Britney, who is currently on a world tour, can make significant revenue from her fans, other stars are sure to start paying attention, particularly those popular among teenage girls.

According to, no word is yet available as to whether Britney will be sharing revenues generated by sales of the gifts with Facebook.

Britney Facebook gifts

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