Broadband users ignore the benefits of bundles

LONDON - A third of UK broadband users ignore the benefits of bundled packages despite potential savings of more than £230 a year, according to a broadband pricing watchdog.

A survey by Broadband Choices, an Ofcom vetted price comparison operator, found that 30% of respondents did not bundle up their broadband service with home phone or digital TV despite cost savings.

A further 29% of broadband customers are not aware of the savings, while 12% said they did not believe bundles offered any savings at all.

Michael Phillips, product director at Broadband Choices, said: "Events of the past year have prompted a flurry of cost-cutting so it is surprising to see so many consumers continuing to pay separate suppliers for their broadband, home phone and digital TV -- it is also a surprise to see that the same proportion did not actually know if a bundled package represents better value.

"Of those respondents who did not subscribe to a bundled package, a large proportion (60%) had not shopped around for a better broadband deal in the past four years.

"We would encourage these consumers to get online and compare providers to see what bundled packages are available to them -- they will almost certainly find they can enjoy superior services for much less than they are currently paying, with the added benefit of only having one monthly bill to keep track of."

The survey fielded 10,000 UK internet users in February 2009.