The Brooklyn Brothers nets Experian brief

The Brooklyn Brothers has won a brief from the credit rating company Experian to create a £1 million identity fraud campaign.

Experian: raising awareness of identity theft
Experian: raising awareness of identity theft

The agency landed the project without a formal pitch and will now promote Experian's identity fraud prevention service,

Experian wants the integrated campaign to show that people are at far greater risk of identity theft than they perhaps realise.

The drive, which includes documentary films, posters, social media and brand partnerships, uncovers how one out of eight people are unwitting victims of identity theft.

Pete Turner, the managing director at Experian Interactive, said: "Finding ways to make people engage with the topic of ID theft, without dismissing it as something that will happen to someone else, is crucial.

"With this campaign, we are confident that the activity creates real standout and manages to resonate with our audience."