BR's full coverage of the downturn and the US newspaper industry

Here you will find Brand Republic's complete coverage of the credit crunch and downturn as it affects the US newspaper industry as cuts and redundancies are made.

Mass layoffs begin at Time Inc/Murdoch hires (plans newspaper war)

We've already seen big cuts this year at Conde Nast now it is the turn of IPC Media parent Time Inc, which is set to announce as many as 500 job...Gordon's Republic blog

New York Times wrestles with online charge method

NEW YORK - The New York Times will announce a decision "within weeks" on how it will charge for ... The New York Times had been expected to make a decision regarding paid content in the summer, but ...By Staff / Brand Republic 02-Nov-09

US newspapers see huge falls in circulation

NEW YORK - As publishers weigh charging for online content they have more to think about this week ... , which both fell by fell 22.2% The New York Times, which recently announced more than 100 job cuts ...  by Staff, Brand Republic 27-Oct-09

New York Times beats expectations as it posts $35m loss

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company has reported a $35.6m third quarter loss as advertising ... the fourth quarter, but said the New York Times was seeing encouraging signs of improvement in the ... by Staff, Brand Republic 22-Oct-09

US newspaper installs $5 weekly charge for online access

NEW YORK - US local newspaper Newsday is to end free access to most of its website, making it available to people who subscribe to the print edition or to those willing to pay a $5 weekly fee. by Staff, Brand Republic 23-Oct-09 introduces premium paid content model

NEW YORK - In the search for avenues of paid content the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal ... Newswires and the Factiva news database. The new service is one of the company's first efforts to blend ...By Staff / Brand Republic 22-Oct-09

New York Times plans to cut 100 jobs

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company shocked staff this week after it said it will cut more than ... that in recent years the New York Times had managed to avoid the disabling cutbacks that have hit other ... By Staff / Brand Republic 20-Oct-09

Murdoch: 'Ad revenue will give way to subs'

NEW YORK - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is planning to reduce its dependence on ad revenue, according ... Speaking at a shareholder meeting in New York, Murdoch said his company would increase revenue 19-Oct-09

New York Times Company cancels Boston Globe sale

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company has dropped plans to sell The Boston Globe after months of ... of The New York Times Company, said that the paper's finances had improved enough that the company no ... By Staff / Brand Republic 15-Oct-09

Bloomberg wins BusinessWeek magazine auction

NEW YORK - BusinessWeek, the 80-year-old loss-making weekly US magazine, is to be sold to financial...By Staff / Brand Republic 14-Oct-09

News Corp ready for 'second phase' of shift to paid-for content

SYDNEY - News Corporation is reassured by research it has undertaken into the willingness of readers to pay for content Staff, Brand Republic 28-Sep-09

Murdoch to charge people for accessing WSJ on mobiles

LONDON - Rupert Murdoch has edged closer towards introducing paywalls on his websites with the announcement that he will soon begin charging people to read the Wall Street Journal on mobile phones. by Darren Davidson, Brand Republic 16-Sep-09

Brill's paid content venture signs up 1,000 affiliates

NEW YORK - Media veteran Steve Brill has signed up 1,000 newspapers, magazines and news sites to...By Staff / Brand Republic 15-Sep-09

Newspaper replaces writers with search algorithm

LONDON - Tewspaper, an online newspaper, has launched replacing journalists with an algorithm that scours social media sites for relevant news. by Gareth Jones, 25-Aug-09

LA Times owner sells Chicago Cubs for $845m

NEW YORK - Tribune Inc, owner of the Los Angeles Times, is to sell the Chicago Cubs Major League ... Network. According to a report in the New York Times, Utay offered $40m less cash than the Ricketts ...By Staff / Brand Republic 24-Aug-09

News Corp bids to form paid online content consortium

LONDON - News Corporation is in talks with rival publishers about forming a consortium to charge for online news, according to reports. by Staff, Brand Republic 21-Aug-09

More than 500 newspapers sign up for online news charging scheme

NEW YORK - A US company called Journalism Online has signed up hundreds of as yet unidentified newspapers and online news outlets to use its e-commerce system for charging readers to access online content, which it is intending to launch this autumn. by Jennifer Whitehead, Brand Republic 14-Aug-09

San Diego Union-Tribune cuts 112 jobs

SAN FRANCISCO - The private equity firm that owns the The San Diego Union-Tribune is to cut 112 jobs at the newspaper.  by Staff, Brand Republic 13-Aug-09

Gannett cuts 70 jobs at New York paper

NEW YORK - Gannett has told all 288 staff at The Journal News, in the Westchester area of New York, that they will need to reapply for their jobs. by Staff, Brand Republic 13-Aug-09

Another US newspaper firm EW Scripps surprises with a profit

NEW YORK - EW Scripps, the publisher which shut down the Rocky Mountain News earlier this year, has surprised the industry by reporting a small second quarter profit. by Staff, Brand Republic 11-Aug-09

Private equity firm joins race for the Boston Globe

NEW YORK - A Californian private equity firm, Platinum Equity, has made a preliminary offer to buy the Boston Globe from the New York Times Company, which is also examining charing for online content at the New England paper. by Staff, Brand Republic 10-Aug-09,

Analyst predicts mild rebound in US newspaper advertising

NEW YORK - A mild rebound is expected in hard-hit newspaper advertising over the next several years, rising 8.7% over 2009 levels by 2014, according to media analyst Borrell Associates. by Staff, Brand Republic 07-Aug-09

Connors one of two to make bid for Boston Globe

NEW YORK - Two rival groups have submitted bids to buy The Boston Globe from The New York Times Company, including Hill Holiday founder Jack Connors. by Staff, Brand Republic 31-Jul-09

New York Times moves closer to charging as profits rise

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company is moving closer to charging readers for content as it reported a surprise rise in second-quarter net income to almost $40m on the back of cost cutting, but advertising revenue fell 30%. by Staff, Brand Republic 24-Jul-09

Global influence of The New York Times

An American newspaper may not seem an obvious target for UK PR professionals, but The New York Times should not be underestimated. by Kate Magee, PR Week UK 24-Jul-09

Miami Herald publisher reports rise in profits

NEW YORK - Rare good news from a US newspaper publisher as McClatchy Company reported higher than expected profits and said advertising was declining at a slower rate. By Staff / Brand Republic 22-Jul-09

San Francisco Chronicle in paid content storm

The San Francisco Chronicle has sort of started charging for content by pulling pieces from its web and only making them available to subscribers. Gordon's Republic blog post July 22 2009

Road clear for sale as Boston Globe staff agree cuts

NEW YORK - Staff at the Boston Globe's biggest union agreed to $10m of cuts clearing the way for the sale of the paper and possible job cuts in an effort to reduce losses. By Staff / Brand Republic 21-Jul-09

New York Times sells classical music radio station

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company is to sell its WQXR classical music radio station in New York in a two part deal valued at $45m in an effort to reduce its debt. By Staff / Brand Republic 15-Jul-09

Tribune considers bankruptcy option for Chicago Cubs

NEW YORK - Embattled newspaper group Tribune Inc is considering putting the Chicago Cubs baseball team into administration in order to speed up the sale of the club. By Staff / Brand Republic 14-Jul-09

Up to 2,000 jobs under threat at USA Today owner Gannett

NEW YORK - USA Today-owner Gannett is to cut between 1,000 and 2,000 jobs having already cut 10% of its workforce last year. Brand Republic 01-Jul-09

Sad but true: buy one newspaper title and get another free

There is something a little sad and dispiriting about this. It is being reported that whoever buys the Boston Globe will get another New England newspaper thrown in for free. In this case the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Gordon's Republic blog post - Jun 29 2009

Hill Holiday founder one of three considering Boston Globe bid

NEW YORK - Jack Connors, co-founder of Hill Holiday, has emerged as one of the three potential new owners of the Boston Globe, which has been put up for sale by the New York Times Company. By Staff / Brand Republic 12-Jun-09

Free content – an accidental historical moment

He's not the first to say it, but Barry Diller described the moment when news organisations decided to give content away as one of those "accidental historical" moments. He was talking at the time about his support for paid content. Gordon's Republic blog post - Jun 11 2009

New York Times Co puts Boston Globe up for sale

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company is seeking bids for the loss making Boston Globe two days after journalists at the paper rejected a pay and benefit-cuts package. By Staff / Brand Republic 11-Jun-09

Boston Globe journalists reject pay cuts

NEW YORK - In a close-run vote journalists at the Boston Globe have rejected swingeing pay and benefit cuts demanded by the newspaper's owner, The New York Times Company, which has said it will impose them anyway. By Staff / Brand Republic 09-Jun-09

Tribune Co to be taken over by creditors

NEW YORK - Los Angeles Times-owner Tribune Company faces being taken over by its banks and investors as part of a plan to rescue the company. By Staff, Brand Republic, 08-Jun-09

Boston Globe staff ready to reject cost saving deal

NEW YORK - It is a crunch day for US newspapers as Boston Globe could today reject swingeing pay cuts as part of a $20m cost cutting plan. By Staff, Brand Republic 08-Jun-09

News Corp talks paid content – content bundling

News Corporation's new digital boss Jonathan Miller has been banging the paid content drum. His spin was "content bundling" kind of like the charging equivalent of pick 'n' mix. Gordon's Republic blog post, Jun 04 2009

The demise of the US press

There's been plenty of debate recently about the demise of the regional newspaper in the US. The Observer's Paul Harris wrote on the subject at the weekend, arguing that Philadelphia is likely to be the first to lose all of its newspapers. IAB blog post by Stuart Aitken May 27 2009

New York Times one of the few that can thrive in a digital age

John Gapper in the FT today has a good piece on the woes of the New York Times, but he says the Gray Lady is one of the "few print publications with a good chance of thriving in the digital age". Gordon's Republic blog post, May 14 2009

Major US newspaper group to charge online

NEW YORK - One of the largest newspaper groups in the US, MediaNews Group, will stop putting all of the content from its newspapers online and begin charging for content. By Staff / Brand Republic 13-May-09

David Geffen offers to buy New York Times stake

LONDON - Entertainment mogul David Geffen is reportedly interested in buying a stake in the New York Times Company, publisher of The New York Times and The Boston Globe. by Staff, Brand Republic, 12-May-09, 09:15

Wall Street Journal to introduce micropayment scheme

LONDON - Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation will introduce a micropayment system for individual articles and premium subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal website this year. By Dan Leahul / Brand Republic 11-May-09

Wait and see as WSJ leaps with micro payments 

So the Wall Street Journal got it moving as it launches first with micro payments after Rupert Murdoch hinted heavily last week. It was the most obvious to go first, but what the industry really wants is for someone else to leap. Gordon's Republic blog post, May 11 2009,

Boston Globe staff face ballot over 23% pay cut

BOSTON - Journalists at the Boston Globe will vote next month on a whether to accept a deal that includes an 8.4% pay cut and the end of lifetime job guarantees held for almost 200 staff. By Staff / Brand Republic 08-May-09

Job losses expected as Boston Globe reaches agreement to save the paper

BOSTON - After a marathon night of talks the New York Times Company and the journalist union have reached a tentative agreement to save the Boston Globe, which is likely to lead to a large number of job losses. By Staff / Brand Republic 06-May-09

Boston Globe fate hangs in the balance 

The fate of the Boston Globe is hanging in the balance this week as the New York Times Company moves towards a deal with unions, but one with journalists is so far out of reach. Gordon's Republic blog post May 05 2009

Home of 'The Wire' Baltimore Sun slashes staff

NEW YORK - The Baltimore Sun, the paper known around the world for its connection with 'The Wire' is slashing a third of its newsroom, resulting in the loss of 61 jobs. by Staff, Brand Republic, 30-Apr-09

New York Times close to agreement with unions over pay cuts

NEW YORK - The New York Times is in negotiations with unions over plans to cut wages by 5% in a bid to make savings of $4.5m (£3m). By Staff / Brand Republic 29-Apr-09

Fall in US newspaper sales is accelerating

The economy and swine flu is bad enough, but while big stories fill the front pages of US newspapers, new figures show that the rate of decline in print circulation has accelerated since last autumn. Blog post Gordon's Republic Apr 28 2009

Struggling US newspaper industry finds political ally in John Kerry

WASHINGTON - The former US presidential candidate John Kerry is bringing the woes of US newspapers to the attention of lawmakers with a series of Senate hearings next month. by Staff, Brand Republic, 21-Apr-09

New York Times cuts sections and Gannett profits falls 60%

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company is cut several weekly sections and cut freelance spending in an effort to save millions of dollars. By Staff / Brand Republic 17-Apr-09

Media veteran Steve Brill unveils paid content plans

LONDON - Someone had to make a statement about charging for content and media veteran Steve Brill's Journalism Online venture has. It hopes to charge for content online on behalf of newspaper and magazine publishers as well as deal with licensing of content. It's big news. It might be the start of something. By Staff / Brand Republic 16-Apr-09

Boston Globe staff shocked by scale of cuts

NEW YORK - Staff at the Boston Globe have been shocked by the scale of the cuts demanded by owner The New York Times Company. by Staff, Brand Republic, 09-Apr-09

Google CEO insists online advertising is still king for newspapers

NEW YORK - Google CEO Eric Schmidt has told newspaper bosses they should continue to rely on advertising but needed to embraced new technology to support more profitable business models, and insisted Google was there to help, not harm.  by Staff, Brand Republic, 08-Apr-09

Boston Globe to be closed unless unions agree $20m cost savings

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company has threatened to close The Boston Globe in 30 days unless ... By Staff / Brand Republic 07-Apr-09

Associated Press declares war over misuse of content online

NEW YORK - Associated Press is moving to protect news content from misappropriation online with a series of initiatives including taking legal and legislative action against websites that use its content without paying for it. By Staff / Brand Republic 07-Apr-09

Murdoch urges newspapers to charge for online content

WASHINGTON - News Corporation chief executive Rupert Murdoch has said newspapers must find ways to charge for online content to offset plummeting ad revenue, revealing that his company is investing in a mobile newspaper reading device, similar to Amazon's Kindle. By staff Brand Republic 03-Apr-09

Chicago's Sun-Times Media Group files Chapter 11

NEW YORK - The Sun-Times Media Group, publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times and more than 50 other ... By Staff / Brand Republic 01-Apr-09

New York Times axes 100 jobs and imposes 5% pay cut

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company is cutting 100 jobs from its business operation and cutting ... By Staff / Brand Republic 27-Mar-09

Gannett enforces second round of unpaid leave for employees

NEW YORK - Employees at Gannett, publisher of USA Today, have been asked to take more unpaid leave ... By Staff / Brand Republic 24-Mar-09

Michigan paper becomes latest victim of print downturn

NEW YORK - Chicago-based daily newspaper The Ann Arbor News is to close its doors in July and will By Staff / Brand Republic 24-Mar-09

Christian Science Monitor editor to discuss digital-only move

NEW YORK - The editor-in-chief of the first US daily newspaper to announce it was going ... By Staff / Brand Republic 23-Mar-09

Hearst prints final copy of Seattle Post-Intelligencer as it goes digital

NEW YORK - Hearst Corporation will today print the final copy of its Seattle Post-Intelligencer ...By Staff / Brand Republic 17-Mar-09

Chronicle may survive as staff agree to benefit and 150 job cuts

SAN FRANCISCO - The San Francisco Chronicle, Hearst Corp's US daily which was under threat of closure earlier this year, may survive after staff agreed to longer working hours with additional holiday and job cuts....By Sarah Crawley-Boevey / Brand Republic 16-Mar-09

BR Video: Public refuses to pay for online news

LONDON - Most people interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video said nothing would convince them to pay for news online and they would prefer to buy a newspaper -- watch it now. By Nikki Sandison / Brand Republic 11-Mar-09

Miami Herald owner cuts 1,600 jobs as move to hybrid print and online firm accelerates

NEW YORK - The publisher of the Miami Herald, the McClatchy Company, has revealed it is to cut ... By Staff / Brand Republic 10-Mar-09

Hearst steps closer to online-only plans for Seattle paper

NEW YORK - Hearst is reported to be moving ahead with its plans to turn the Seattle ... content? Could the New York Times go under? ...By Staff / Brand Republic 06-Mar-09

NY Times and Google-exec launch rival community news sites

LONDON - The New York Times and a high-ranking Google executive have launched rival "hyper-local ... By Dan Leahul / Brand Republic 03-Mar-09

Gannett rating cut to junk as Philadelphia dailies combined

NEW YORK - USA Today-owner Gannett has had its debt rating cut to junk status while US newspaper By Staff / Brand Republic 03-Mar-09

Newsday to charge readers for access to its website

NEW YORK - New York tabloid Newsday is to begin charging for access its website, which makes it one By Staff / Brand Republic 27-Feb-09

Profits plummet at Washington Post as Gannett slashes dividend

NEW YORK - The bad news for the US newspaper industry continues to surmount as fourth-quarter ...By Staff / Brand Republic 26-Feb-09

Hearst's San Francisco Chronicle could become next US newspaper casualty

SAN FRANCISCO - Hearst Corporation is considering closing its flagship San Francisco Chronicle, the city's main newspaper, within weeks as it cuts jobs across the loss-making title and decides its future. By Staff / Brand Republic 25-Feb-09

Philadelphia's The Inquirer files for bankruptcy

NEW YORK - The economic storm battering newspapers across the Atlantic shows no signs of relenting ... By Staff / Brand Republic 23-Feb-09

New York Times Company abandons dividend to save cash

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company has suspended its first quarter dividend in order to pay off ... By Staff / Brand Republic 20-Feb-09

US recession takes toll on media and advertising jobs

NEW YORK - The US media and advertising sectors shed 65,100 jobs in 2008 as newspapers getting rid...By Staff / Brand Republic 09-Feb-09

NY Times borrows $250m from Mexican billionaire at 14%

NEW YORK - The New York Times Company has confirmed that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim will lend ... By Staff / Brand Republic 20-Jan-09

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim may invest $250m in New York Times

NEW YORK - Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is reportedly close to investing about $250m (£170m) in ... By Staff / Brand Republic 19-Jan-09

Gannett forces staff to take unpaid leave

NEW YORK - In another bad week for the US newspaper industry, USA Today owner Gannett is forcing By Staff / Brand Republic 16-Jan-09

Digital-only future one option for Seattle Post-Intelligencer

NEW YORK - Hearst Corporation has said that a digital-only future is one option being examined as ... By Staff / Brand Republic 12-Jan-09

Dow Jones sanctions pay freeze for 2009

NEW YORK - Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, will freeze pay for non-union staff in ... By Staff / Brand Republic 09-Jan-09
Newsweek plans staff cuts and makeover
NEW YORK - Newsweek magazine is planning to cut staff as part of a major revamp of the magazine By Staff / Brand Republic 11-Dec-08 
New York Times considers asset sales ahead of difficult 2009
NEW YORK - The New York Times Company said yesterday it is considering potential asset sales ahead ... By Staff / Brand Republic 10-Dec-08
New York Times considers asset sales ahead of difficult 2009

The New York Times Company said yesterday it is considering potential asset sales ahead of one of the "most challenging years" for the newspaper industry. By Staff, Brand Republic 10-Dec-08

Tribune files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

US newspaper publisher Tribune, which owns the Los Angeles Times, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after struggling under $13bn of debt, made worse by a huge drop in advertising revenue. By Dan Leahul, Brand Republic 09-Dec-08

Murdoch to cut jobs at UK and Australian newspapers

Rupert Murdoch has said there will be "across the board" job cuts at News Corporation's UK and Australian newspapers after slashing the company's profits forecast as growth slowed including digital growth, which has almost halved. By Staff, Brand Republic 06-Nov-08

Blogs posts on Brand Republic covering the newspaper downturn

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