BSkyB aims to raise subscribers to sport by adapting posters

BSkyB is running a poster campaign adapted to appeal to every Premiership fan, whatever team they support, to exploit their hopes for success in the upcoming season.

A different poster is being produced for supporters of each of the Premier League's 24 clubs.

Produced by Bates UK, each will feature a picture of players celebrating a goal and will carry the headline "They're ready. Are you?" Each poster will only appear in the area from which each club draws its support.

The campaign, written by Andy McGuinness and art directed by Dick Dunford, intends to capture the sense of excitement among fans at the start of a new season when anything seems possible.

Universal McCann is buying media for the advertising which also aims to emphasise the breadth of Sky Sports' football offering and to exploit its advantage over terrestrial channels, which offer only limited coverage of the major clubs.

At the same time, it is intended to remind fans that they should subscribe to Sky Sports if they want to follow their team's progress throughout the season in all major competitions.

The campaign will also promote Sky's coverage of the UEFA Champions League with posters featuring two of the competition's most watchable teams - Real Madrid and AC Milan.