BT commissions artist to celebrate connection

Perceptual artist Michael Murphy created the 3D concept.

BT: Michael Murphy used headsets and keyboards for the artwork
BT: Michael Murphy used headsets and keyboards for the artwork

BT's business-to-business division is basing its latest campaign around an art installation that celebrates how it connects customers at every level.

The brand worked with perceptual artist Michael Murphy to deliver a 3D installation called "Connected Experiences". 

The design is made up of material relating to contact centre solutions, including headsets, lanyards, keyboards, routers and chairs. When viewed from specific angles the collection of objects to display the word 'experience', and a heart shape.

BT wanted to illustrate that where customers see one problem, it sees the whole picture, bringing humans and technology together to make the complicated simple and the complex whole.

Antonia Barton, marketing director at BT's Global unit, said: "There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes at a contact centre, but our customers don't need to know or worry about the details.

"What they need is a simple, seamless experience that delivers for their customers. This campaign perfectly captures the complexity we see at BT, but as the objects come together, we see a different viewpoint – a complete, cohesive image."

Created and built in Shoreditch, "Connected Experiences" will feature in a 'making of' film on digital channels from 1 February. Wunderman Thompson delivered the project.