BT seeks DM agency for IP network brief

LONDON BT is looking for a direct marketing agency for 21CN, its planned internet protocol-based network that will change the way telephony is delivered into homes.

BT says that, in the future, the new system could enable its customers to plug all their communications and media devices into one wireless hub.

The telecoms giant is in talks with a mixture of roster and non-roster agencies. It has contacted WWAV Rapp Collins, EHS Brann, Tequila\London and Joshua, as well as Proximity London, which works on BT Mobile.

Agencies have been asked to develop a strategy to explain the benefits of its digital network. Media will include direct, online, leaflets and call-centre support. The contract is expected to stretch over five years.

The brief has been issued by BT's procurement department. However, it is thought to have been commissioned by BT Wholesale.

BT hopes to phase out its existing network in favour of IP-based delivery by 2009. BT will start migrating its UK customer lines in the Cardiff area later this year.

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