BT signs as sponsor of digital version of Millionaire? for ITV

ITV has signed up BT as the sponsor of its interactive version of

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The interactive programme launches on Saturday 24 November and gives

viewers the chance to play along with the quiz. It will run on ITV2 in

parallel with the main Who Wants to be a Millionaire? show on ITV1.

The BT deal was negotiated by Carlton Active, which has created the

interactive version of the programme, and The Allmond Partnership. The

sponsorship will last initially for the first 25 episodes of the


Viewers of ITV Digital and owners of digital television sets will be

able to answer questions by pressing buttons on their TV remote.

Participants will win points instead of pounds for each question

answered correctly and if they hit a pre-set target they will be entered

into a prize draw.

BT is using the deal as a general branding exercise but has also secured

a space on the interactive service to advertise new products and inform

viewers about its service.

Participants in the quiz must play along for the entirety of the show to

get a chance to hit the targets. They must also stay tuned to ITV2

throughout the ad breaks otherwise their score is lost.

Andrew Chowns, ITV2's commercial director, said: "Who Wants to be a

Millionaire? is one of the great 'play along at home' games. It is a key

show for ITV. It will bring new viewers to the channel and help raise

our profile at an important time."

Amanda MacKenzie, BT's director of marketing services, said: "Who Wants

to be a Millionaire? encourages people to take part and have fun and we

want them to associate BT with this."