The BTAA Awards 2005: The Chairman's Award - Sponsored By The Moving Picture Company

Daniel Kleinman

There are directors who can do great comedy. There are directors who can make stuff look beautiful. There are directors who can handle the most complex computer-generated animation or special effects. And then there's Daniel Kleinman: master of all trades.

A spin through his reel proves that you really can't pigeon-hole Daniel. He really does have the unique ability to tackle any genre and do it brilliantly. And not just brilliantly but with grace, charm and immense modesty. Rare qualities indeed.

Add to that an approachability and patience that makes him a joy to work with - especially if you're the sort of creative who is always asking stupid questions - and you have the perfect director.

The Chairman's Award is given by the board of BTAA to recognise someone who is a continuing inspiration to the UK commercials industry.