The BTAA Awards 2006: The Chairman's Award - Nigel Bogle - Sponsored by The Moving Picture Company

Nigel Bogle is the one account man with whom most creatives would undoubtedly like to work.

"Brilliant; a brain the size of a planet," a client once said of him. "Brave and honest" - these are words that best describe him.

But what really marks him out is his commitment to creativity. Creativity as a tool for creating business success for his clients. This has, without doubt, been the defining achievement of Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

There's no question that our business is all about creative people but they're not all found in the creative department.

The foundation of any great idea lies in the strategic thinking that acts as a springboard for imaginative thoughts, daring them to go further and fly higher. Without that brilliant thinking, our ideas would be vacuous and ineffective.

But it isn't only in the execution of advertising that Bogle inspires.

It is also in the direction and shape of our business.

His maxim, "run at the future, not away from it", captures the true spirit of the man.

In a rapidly changing world of opportunity and danger, our industry needs leaders who not only understand the necessity and value of change, but are able to lead a path through this fog of uncertainty.

Nigel is a constant inspiration to question and challenge, not only to make our ideas better and more distinctive, but constantly reminding us that without the power of creativity, we have precious little to offer.