The BTAA Awards 2008: The Chairman's Award - Sponsored by The Moving Picture Company

Robert Saville & Mark Waites

The directors of the BTAA have voted Robert Saville and Mark Waites to receive The Chairman's Award for an outstanding contribution to the commercials industry.

In 1996, Robert Saville left GGT and Mark Waites left Amster Yard in New York to set up a new kind of agency that wasn't named after either of them, or after any of their other partners. It was just called Mother.

Mother was born to launch Channel 5, and before its first birthday, had added Coca-Cola, Emap and Unilever to its client roster. In fact, Robert and Mark won the first of Mother's many awards for a Super Noodles commercial, which with a break from traditional nutritional values, involved a dog licking the noodles before they're handed over to the consumer.

What has followed over the past 12 years has been populist, smart and, most importantly, successful work that has always born the trademark wit and entertainment of Saville and Waites. Under their guidance, Mother has produced a seemingly endless stream of fantastic creative talent, making work that's often set the bar for the rest of the industry, while remaining independent, and spreading its creative values to Mother offices in New York and Buenos Aires.

Last year's groundbreaking return of a small, knitted Monkey and Johnny Vegas, this time to advertise PG Tips since "that TV thing went belly up", is the latest in a long line of commercials that have rarely failed to engage and contribute to the world around us or bring a smile to our collective faces.

Named the winner of Most Successful Agency of The Year at BTAA last year, Mother has returned to the winner's stage this year with two Gold Awards for its Boots work.