BTopenworld hires Proximity to target creative web users

BTopenworld is attempting to build use of its broadband services with direct marketing activity to communicate the benefits of broadband access.

Proximity London has created a mailing that targets senior business people and workers within the creative service industries with the message that broadband internet access can be 40-times faster than using a standard modem.

The direct mail, to 30,000 target customers, includes a flat-pack box that opens up to build a "swear box". The creative idea is that the frustration of not having broadband will lead to swearing as stress increases. The mailing uses the line: "Until you install broadband, we thought you could use this."

Tara Fell, BTopenworld's marketing manager, said: "We're targeting the creative services industries as broadband is a very relevant product for their business. We're really pleased with the creative and look forward to running more of these specifically targeted campaigns in the future."

The BTopenworld direct marketing activity coincides with a separate push by BT Retail for its broadband service. Both services claim to offer faster e-mail, web page download and file transfer.

The campaign was art directed by Liam Donnelly and the copywriter was Phil Holbrook.