Budweiser ad encourages drinkers to designate a driver

Budweiser is rolling out an ad campaign to promote responsible drinking during the World Cup, encouraging groups to "designate a driver".

The 30-second TV clip, by DDB Chicago, shows a man shouting at his friend from a noisy bar offering him a drink.

The friend declines, attempting to convey that he is the designated driver, but when the man at the bar cannot hear, he begins to use hand gestures, which other revellers on the dance floor begin to copy.

James Watson, marketing director at Budweiser Western Europe, said: "Our new ‘Designate a driver' campaign is intended to bring our responsible drinking message to life during this time of excitement and celebration. Backed by significant resources, we'll take our message to millions of consumers over the coming weeks."

The campaign, which will be screened on ITV, Channel 4, Five and Sky channels, as well as video-on-demand platforms, will run through to 11 July.