Budweiser 'beware of the dogs' by DDB Chicago

Bud Light is launching a US-only ad, with the strapline: 'Refreshingly smooth Bud Light. Always worth it.'

The campaign includes two TV spots, in which humorous scenarios communicate the lengths men will go to in order to drink Bud Light. The campaign was devised by DDB Chicago.

In the ad seen here, a man who chooses to ignore a warning written on a six-pack of Bud Light in his buddy's fridge goes ahead and takes a beer.

The moment he grabs a bottle, two white Pomeranians yap like crazy and follow him everywhere -- barking from the conference table as he tries to make a presentation at work, staring through the shower door at him, and yapping as he tries to sleep.

He finally shows up at his friend's door with a six-pack and pleads, "Call 'em off". The two pooches get a seal of approval from their owner with a "Nice work, boys."