Budweiser launches supersized pool TV ad

Diageo Ireland is launching a Budweiser TV ad today featuring a giant game of pool.

The ad, created by DDB UK, features people playing a giant game of pool on the rooftop of a building in LA. The 60-second ad shows four men holding up a giant cue which they rub on to a giant chalk, which is being held up by another two men.

Using a ladder, the men then thrust the cue towards a giant white pool ball that pots the black which wins the game. The black ball is then seen travelling down the building across the road towards a big Bud lorry.

Shot by Chris Palmer, the ad features the soundtrack 'Brakes On' by Air. Continuing with its strapline King of Beers, the ad will launch across the UK on Sky and mainstream TV in Ireland from today.

‘Pool’ is the follow up to the award-winning 2009 Budweiser 'Lyrics', also directed by Palmer, featuring a cover of the Beatles "All together now" by The Hours as people from all over a city come together in different guises to spell out the words to "All together now" in time to the music and all shot from a moving train carriage.