Burdett out in C4 creative restructure

LONDON - Channel 4 is merging its 4cre¬ative agency with its separate in-house creative services team, a move that will result in the departure of Richard Burdett, the head of 4creative.

Burdett... leaving
Burdett... leaving

The merger, which is part of an ongoing restructuring programme at the broadcaster designed to deliver £100 million in savings, will see the creation of a new unit of around 40 people led by Channel 4's network creative director, Brett Foraker.

While the move will deliver cost savings as part of a programme to shed up to 150 jobs, it will also offer a more integrated service to Channel 4 and external clients.

4creative is responsible for off-air marketing for the Channel 4 brand and creates advertising for external clients. The creative services team previously handled Channel 4's on-air channel branding and promotional activity.

Burdett, who joined 4creative in 2003, is leaving without a job to go to and will pursue other projects.