Burnett apes action film scenes in Heinz Weight Watchers ads

Dieters who appear to be gorging on fat-laden foods such as chocolate, a marshmallow dessert and chips feature in Leo Burnett's first TV campaign for the Heinz Weight Watchers brand.

The campaign, called "Noooooooo!", is a spoof of Hollywood action movies.

It features friends of those on the Weight Watchers diet trying to save them from eating what looks like non-diet food.

The ads aim to show that by using the Weight Watchers range, dieters don't have to take evasive action from foods that are often perceived to be bad for a diet.

The three ten-second ads, called "garden", "living room" and "kitchen", show the "heroes" screaming "Noooooooo!" with arms outstretched as they slide across furniture, dodge wheel barrows and dive across tables to rescue their friends from eating the diet-busting food.

In each case, the rescuer fails and ends up the worse for wear while the dieter explains that they can eat with guilt-free pleasure because "It's Weight Watchers from Heinz".

The ads were written and art directed by Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards.

Direction was by Dougal Wilson through Blink. Media planning and buying is handled by Starcom Motive.