Burnett to handle airport security job

The Department for Transport has handed Leo Burnett a £1.5 million brief to communicate the recent changes in aviation security policy.

Under the brief, which came without a pitch, Burnett will create a tactical campaign to ensure air passengers flying from the UK are aware of the new security measures in place at airports. These include the allowance of small quantities of non-essential liquids in hand luggage.

These changes in security follow several months during which all but non-essential liquids were banned from hand luggage following an alleged terrorist plot in August.

A press and online campaign will appear later this month. MindShare and Carat will share media planning and buying duties for the DfT.

The managing director of Burnett, Paul Lawson, said: "It's a real testament to the strength of our relationship with the department."

In April, the DfT ended a three-year stand-off with COI concerning agency arrangements. Government ministers expressed concern that the division of COI and DfT roster agencies was undermining COI's ability to enjoy optimum media discounts.

After the agreement, the DfT will use COI roster agencies for its briefs, although it will still work with Euro RSCG London on its £500,000 Transport Direct ads.

COI will have no direct involvement in the DfT's dealing with agencies. Instead, it will view all DfT briefs to ensure transport campaigns do not clash with other government campaigns.