Burnett idents show off versatility of Heinz Salad Cream

Leo Burnett is using humour in an attempt to demonstrate the wide range of foods that Heinz Salad Cream can be used on, in its latest work for the brand's sponsorship idents of ITV's Emmerdale.

The 12 executions show people caught in amusing situations as they try the salad cream on different foods.

One shows a man sat in front of the television putting the cream on pizza.

From the doorway behind him, and oblivious to him, his wife emerges with smudged lipstick clutching a partially dressed pizza delivery boy.

Another shows a farmer putting Heinz Salad Cream on a burger, while he cuddles up in a barn with a sheep with curlers in its fleece.

The idents all use the strapline "It's all going on", hinting at the range of foods the salad cream can be used with and to the variety of storylines on Emmerdale.

The idents were written by Neil McKenna and art directed by Greg Martin.

They were directed by Neil Harris through Stink.

With a 59 per share, Heinz Salad Cream is the brand leader in the salad cream sector. However, the trend towards consumers using premium product dressings and vinaigrettes on their salads has threatened the sector.

Starcom Motive signed Heinz Salad Cream as Emmerdale's six-month sponsor in March this year in a deal worth £6 million. It replaced Procter & Gamble's Daz soap powder, which had sponsored the Yorkshire TV-produced soap opera for two years.

Daz achieved some acclaim for the longevity of the sponsorship campaign and the use of the iconic Daz Dogs in its idents.

Emmerdale is one of ITV's flagship early peak shows and currently averages audiences of eight million, translating to a 46 per cent share of viewing. Its fortunes have improved following major cast changes.