Bushmills whiskey revamps masterclass series to suit online audience

Events will focus on charcuterie, photography and candle-making.

Bushmills: Krawczyk will discuss charcuterie
Bushmills: Krawczyk will discuss charcuterie

Jose Cuervo-owned Irish whiskey brand Bushmills will be hosting interactive masterclasses on social media that explore the parallels between whiskey-making and specialist crafts.

The "Black Bush stories" series, which launched in 2018, has been reinvented to cater for consumers during lockdown and provide an opportunity for people to discover a new skill.

Events will be hosted on the @BushmillsUK Instagram account over four weeks at 8.00pm, starting from 29 April.

Whiskey experts Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison will be joined by a guest each week to cover a particular craft. The line-up includes charcuterie master Rob Krawczyk on 29 April, creative photographer Freddy Kelly on 6 May, tea-maker Oscar Woolley on 13 May and candle-maker Michael Morris on 20 May. 

Viewers will be introduced to the world of Black Bush, hear the collaborator’s story and take part in the masterclass. The series will also be available on IGTV.

Clearbox Communications is working alongside Cow PR to deliver the project.