Business‐to‐business: Emoji Passcode by 10x

10x has reinvented the PIN for Intelligent Environments.

Business‐to‐business: Emoji Passcode by 10x

WINNER: Emoji Passcode by 10x

10x created a brand new way to use security PIN codes after their research showed emojis were the fastest growing language in the UK.

The technology works by enabling consumers to log into their banks using four emoji characters, instead of traditional PINs or passwords.

The characters are selected from a bank of 44 and is mathematically more secure than traditional methods as well as being easier to remember.

The activity secured the support of memory expert Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps and founder of the world memory championships.

"The Emoji Passcode plays to humans’ extraordinary ability to remember pictures, which is anchored in our evolutionary history," said Buzan.

"We remember more information when it’s in pictorial form, that’s why the Emoji Passcode is better than traditional PINs."