Busta Rhymes 'butt' ad for Virgin Mobile debuts online

LONDON - Virgin Mobile is breaking the second of its ads starring the rapper Busta Rhymes and his bare butt as a viral campaign before it screens on television.

DMC will plan, seed and track the film, which was created by Virgin Mobile's retained advertising agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

It is the second ad that stars Busta Rhymes promoting Virgin Mobile's 3p text tariff, following the first 'bling' execution currently airing on UK television. The viral invites viewers to click through to bustabutt.com, where they can find out more about Virgin Mobile and Busta Rhymes, as well as view both ads.

In 'butt naked', the star arrives in a stylish hotel room. Impressed at what he sees, he picks up a remote control and tries to turn the television on. What he doesn't realise is that the remote operates the curtains and not the TV, much to the delight of a crowd of fans who are waiting outside the hotel.

Meanwhile, Busta has been running a bath and - with the curtains wide open - he drops his trousers to reveal his bare bottom. The crowd of fans gasp in delight, but that quickly changes to horror when he bends over to retrieve the remote control he has lost. The ad finishes with the line "the devil makes work for idle thumbs".

James Kydd, brand director for Virgin Mobile, said: "We're using DMC's online viral buzz and marketing expertise again, this time to pre-launch 'Butt Naked' on the web before its mainstream television release on December 8, so we can widen brand awareness among the culture-driving, technology-savvy online audience."

DMC has planned other viral campaigns for Virgin Mobile, including a film that showed a "mangina", where a man tucks his genitals between is legs to appear like a woman.

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