Buzz Aldrin is so over the moon

Is there life on Mars? There soon might be if Buzz Aldrin continues to dominate social media with his message of getting our collective arses to the red planet.

Buzz Aldrin is so over the moon
Waitrose: split with BBH

Most read: Waitrose kicks off £25m ad review

Campaign broke the news this morning that Waitrose has kicked off a formal review of its £25 million advertising account. It was dumped by Bartle Bogle Hegarty in January. Ouch.

According to sources close to the process, the retailer is undecided on which marketing tasks will remain in-house and which will be handled by an agency.

James Swift reports the supermarket is working with ISBA on the pitch and has spoken with 18 Feet & Rising, Adam & Eve/DDB, CHI & Partners, Creature, Lucky Generals and WCRS. Pitches will take place in April.

A Waitrose spokeswoman told Campaign: "We are talking to a few agencies about the Waitrose account and taking some time to think creatively about our longer-term approach."


Talking point: RT for Tory, fave for Labour

Probably not what Adam Sharp meant when he said 2015 will be the first "Twitter election here in the UK."

Twitter's head of news, government and elections was speaking at the Guardian Changing Media Summit, and drew attention to a recent survey of 3,000 Twitter users aged between 18 and 34. It found that – when compared to their peers – this group were more likely to vote, had a greater proportion of floating voters and were influenced by what they saw on Twitter.

Yes, this is Twitter announcing that Twitter is influential, but the extra stats published on Twitter’s UK blog make for interesting reading, and some of BR’s esteemed Twitter followers agreed the platform could be effective.

This is bad news for Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander, who last year had to suffer the indignity of Buzzfeed featuring the Danny Alexander walks meme, and today took a kicking on Twitter.

Time to think of a plan B, Danny? We don’t like the look of those odds.

Buzz Aldrin. Photo courtesy NASA

On social: Buzz Aldrin

Sure, it’s not as great as being on the moon (we assume), but Buzz Aldrin was all over Twitter yesterday, stumbling on the hitherto unknown golden formula of social media: Buzz Aldrin + Mars + Stonehenge = 5.8K retweets and 4.4K favourites.

The BBC and Time picked up the story, and has raised awareness of Aldrin's campaign to get mankind to Mars and colonise it – summed up rather succinctly with the phrase ‘Get your ass to Mars.’ According to the BBC, Aldrin asked a member of the English Heritage staff, "where [they] hide the aliens". Crazy guy, that Aldrin.

What the others are saying: On meerkats

Time was, Meerkat made us think of that darling fluffball from Compare The Market.

Those days are well and truly over now live-streaming app Meerkat has become the darling of SXSW. It’s received the kind of buzz that helped launch social media giants like Foursquare and Twitter. Campaign even named it one of the four key themes of the festival.

It’s led to Venture Beat extolling the virtues of Meerkat surfing, which sounds a lot like ChatRoule… Ah, TechCrunch beat us to that joke with this the-Internet-will-eat-itself piece, Meerkat Roulette Is Chatroulette For Meerkat Because Meerkat.

More seriously, Forbes has looked at what Meerkat means for social media. Backchannel breathlessly declared the platform will change the 2016 US election for every campaign, reporter and voter. The Guardian and the FT were more circumspect, addressing both Meerkat's incredible potential and incredible potential for narcissism, while CBS focussed on the privacy concerns. Most usefully (we would say that), Marketing Magazine’s Shona Ghosh breaks down what it means for marketers.

Nutshell Camera creator Adam Somlai-Fischer

BR Recommends: A daily dose of disruption

The latest in our Digital Disruptor series profiles Adam Somlai-Fischer. He is the brains behind presentation software Prezi and, more recently, a photo app called Nutshell Camera which lets users add nifty captions and graphics to photos, then transforms them into a fancy little film.

It's no exaggeration to say Somlai-Fischer is a fan of what he terms 'social productivity tools'. And we thought they were all about aiding procrastination. When we spoke to him he was using no less than nine, including Snapchat, Skype, Facebook, Airmail, Dropbox and Hipchat. Read the full profile here.

If you'e a digital entrepreneur and fancy being featured in the series, drop us a line.


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