The buzz: Audi and Jane Wolfson

The buzz: Audi and Jane Wolfson

Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s new cinema ad for Audi’s RS 3 has divided the armchair critics of Twitter. In the spot, which was created using CGI, an Audi R8 gives birth to an RS 3 Sportback. Although some cinemagoers have enjoyed the unusual work, it has totally freaked others out.

Went to the cinema and saw Audi’s new car advert. It’s bizarre to say the least. What’s happened to adverts recently?

If only cars gave birth to other cars, that would be an incredible spectacle.

I literally just watched an R8 give birth to a slightly bigger Audi @AudiUK what is this advert please I am scared

The @Audi advert where an R8 gives birth to an RS3 is HORRENDOUS.

Am I the only one who thinks the Audi RS3 Birth advert is very creative and cool?