The buzz: Eric Cantona to swim Channel

Eric Cantona has vowed to swim the English Channel if 10,000 Brits agree that Kronenbourg 1664 is the best beer in the world as part of a campaign by Ogilvy & Mather.

The buzz: Eric Cantona to swim Channel

The prospect has got a lot of football fans excited and brought back some old jokes about Cantona’s speech after kicking a fan in 1995.

#LeBigSwim Cantona is such a legend be it football, acting, advertising or philosophy.

Cantona to swim the channel. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any trouble with seagulls and trawlers #LeBigSwim

I hope they live stream it... #LeBigSwim @Cantona_EDF

Gotta see king Eric swim the channel #LeBigSwim

If he does Cherbourg to Portsmouth like he points out, I’ll never drink any other beer again! @Kronenbourg1664 #LeBigSwim