The buzz: Humans and Pip Hatton

The buzz: Humans and Pip Hatton

Channel 4 had some fun with a campaign, by 4Creative, for its upcoming futuristic series Humans. A TV spot promoting Persona Synthetics’ new cyborgs as ‘closer to humans than ever before’ was accompanied by press ads, a website and even eBay listings. The work seems to have had the desired impact, intriguing people and getting them excited (and scared) about watching the show.

Persona Synthetics ad on Channel 4 freaked me out so badly  #Humans

Whoever came up with the ad campaign for Channel 4’s #Humans is a genius. Just hope the show lives up to the hype they’ve created

‘Persona Synthetics’ ad weirded me out. But I’m intrigued by what Channel 4 Humans will entail.

Cheers Channel 4 for your ad on Persona Synthetics and making me think I was now in a robot uprising