The buzz: LA Galaxy and Paul Hayes

The buzz: LA Galaxy and Paul Hayes

Following Steven Gerrard’s final game for Liverpool, LA Galaxy took out an ad in the Liverpool Echo to thank the club for its support of the footballer over the past 17 years. The ad praises ‘the club who set the example’ from a ‘city honored to carry that legacy’. Gerrard will be based in Los Angeles from next season. Liverpool lost his final game for the team 6-1 to Stoke City.

Tbh I find that ad by la galaxy pretty shit

Great ad from @LAGalaxy foretelling the arrival of Steven Gerrard in the classiest way possible

@cambibs please say you’ve seen LA Galaxy’s Cringe advert in the echo

Great move by the LA Galaxy with that full page ad in the Echo honoring Gerrard. A+ to their PR department.

#LAGalaxy with a thoughtful ad in today’s Echo. #lfc