The buzz: Lucozade reinvents itself

Lucozade's knack for reinvention rivals Madonna.

The buzz: Lucozade reinvents itself

The drink was first marketed as an aid to convalescence and then a performance-enhancer for athletes. Now, with Grey’s help, it is positioning itself as an ally to the busy with a humorous ad showing people at the top of their game. But will people accept Luzozade’s new guise?

A more accurate lucozade advert would be a really hungover geezer in bed trying to drink it without sitting up all the way!

The new lucozade advert with its lack of gender stereotypes n strong women makes me happy #lucozade

@TheLastLeg #isitok that the new lucozade ad sounds like it’s for tampons & then they drink from a bottle of red liquid... flooowwww  

Is the new Lucozade ad the best ever on TV. I think it might be...

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