The buzz: is Pearson's literacy campaign genius or just confusing?

FCB Inferno's animated ad for Pearson's Project Literacy campaign has been likened to the multi-award-winning 'dumb ways to die' campaign by McCann Melbourne for Metro trains.

On Twitter and YouTube, some people have praised the ad and voiced their support, whereas others are a bit confused by its simple link between illiteracy and global issues such as Aids, Ebola, Kalashnikovs and young offenders.

Really love the @projectliteracy advert thats on you tube at the moment, not often i say that ! #ProjectLiteracy

the project literacy commercial is the best thing ever

its catchy as hell but, GOD IS IT DARK
Simon Chords

What does knowing how to read have to do with Ebola?

This is disgusting fear-mongering.

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