The buzz: Protein World and Richard Wheatly

The buzz: Protein World and Richard Wheatly

Protein World’s campaign has got people talking. Some of the posters on the Tube, which ask if people are ‘beach body ready’ alongside a picture of a woman in a bikini, have been vandalised. The company said the fuss had improved sales.

In FOUR DAYS @ProteinWorld has made sales of £1million+; put on 20K new customers; total media views 113+ million

There’s a Protein World advert on my tube and I’m really sad because I don’t have a sharpie on me to vandalise it with. Must buy Sharpie.

Seriously loves, most empowering response to the @ProteinWorld ad is: DEAR GOD, SHE’S FIT! followed by swift return to Candy Crush.

So who wants to team up with me and make a feminist/ body positive protein drink? Let’s call it ‘the tears of our enemies.’ #ProteinWorld