The buzz: Samsung uses llama for phone launch

When every tech company is launching a phone, how do you get people excited about yours?

The buzz: Samsung uses llama for phone launch

With a llama, of course. Ahead of the unveiling of the new Galaxy device, Samsung released seven days of ‘unboxing’ films, one of which features a llama. Not everyone is interested in guessing what the phone has to offer.

Been a while since a commercial actualy mde me laugh. Llamas are hilarious though.
Sandesh van’t Veen

People who disliked this are probably a bunch of iTrolls who think iPhone commercials are soooo much more original and funny.... :D
Robert Barry

so the Llama saw bullshit. great marketing samsung! ;)

Stupid llama ,tell me what you saw!
Jevon Butler

Silly YouTubers, it’s llama proof. No more llama spit ruining my phone!
Jacob Hughes

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