The buzz: Stallone and Craze

The buzz: Stallone and Craze

Sylvester Stallone was spotted reprising his Rocky role in Bolton last week as part of a new ad for Warburtons. Stallone was mobbed as he recreated the famous training scene at the town hall, clutching loaves of bread in each hand. WCRS is responsible for the spot.

Sly Stallone is to front the new Warburton’s TV commercials does this mean there’s a "Rocky" time ahead for the company!

Can’t wait to see new Warburtons bread ad with Sly Stallone.just found out he runs up #Bolton Town Hall steps,Rocky style,loaf in each hand.

Sly Stallone and Warburton’s doesn’t feel like the most obvious fit in the world to me.

Sly Stallone is ACTUALLY the new face of Warburton’s bread.... Thats it, I AM in the Matrix and it’s totally broken.