C4 courts controversy with plans to air morning teen sex show

LONDON - Channel 4, which last night aired its 'Sex Education Show' before the watershed, is again facing controversy with plans to air a sex education series, discussing issues such as masturbation, in the morning when young children could be watching.

'KNTV Sex', which is aimed at 14- to 19-year-olds, will also discuss topics such as contraception, having sex, sexually transmitted diseases, bisexuality and "coming out", on weekdays at 11am.

The 10-part series features two cartoon teenagers who investigate a different topic each week, such as 'Amazing Sex Facts' and 'Operation Penis'.

The programme will also examine the male and female body, relationships, marriage, pregnancy and childbirth.

Channel 4 said the series will be heavily sign posted so parents could switch it off.

The broadcaster is to air 'KNTV Sex' later this year.

It follows Channel 4's current 'Sex Education Show', which is being shown at 8pm on Tuesday nights.

Viewers have complained to Ofcom about the show being too explicit to be shown before the 9pm watershed, as the first episode in the series featured teenagers discussing sex acts they had seen on the internet.

Another segment of the show featured a group of boys looking at close-up pictures of penises and being asked which they thought was the average size.

Last night's show again featured images of penises as issues of genital hygiene were discussed.

The programme, which aired again last night, is fronted by Anna Richardson.