Cactus Kid to star in Oasis campaign by Mother

LONDON - Mother will tomorrow launch a TV campaign for the soft drink Oasis featuring a girl who runs off with a human/cactus hybrid.

The "Run, Cactus Kid, Run" campaign will retain the successful "for people who don't like water" strapline.

It comprises three 30-second TV spots, plus a fourth ad that will appear online with alternative endings on which users can vote.

Cathryn Sleight, the marketing director at Coca-Cola GB, said: "This year's campaign builds on the brand's irreverent humour, designed specifically to appeal to the twentysomething target audience."

The campaign will also feature an extended cinematic trailer and outdoor ads, which evoke classic movie posters.


Project: Run, Cactus Kid, Run
Caroline Bonpain, senior brand manager, Coca-Cola UK
Brief: Drive affinity and awareness of Oasis by making its point of view famous "for people who don't like water"
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Chris Stephenson
Media spend: £2.4 million
Production company:  Independent
Director: Mike Maguire
Editor: Marshall Street
Post-production: Munky
Exposure: TV, outdoor, online
1st air date:  Thurs 3 July, 21:10, Channel 4 (Big Brother)