Cadbury adopts new Coke-like tagline 'Tastes like this feels'

Cadbury has replaced its 'Free the joy' slogan with 'Tastes like this feels', with the tagline appearing in a new ad featuring real footage of a bear rubbing his back up against a tree to the tones of 'That's The Way (I Like It)'.

Cadbury: new slogan
Cadbury: new slogan

The new global slogan for the Mondelez-owned brand bears a resemblance to Coca-Cola’s new strapline, ‘Taste the feeling’, which went live earlier this year.

The 30-second ad for Dairy Milk has launched on YouTube, and viewers are encouraged to share it using the hashtag #TastesLikeThisFeels.

Cadbury has produced three new TV ads. The one with the aforementioned bear trying to relieve himself of an itch will be succeeded by two further executions, with each aimed at conveying the concept of 'Taste like this feels'.

Other marketing will span multimedia advertising, brand partnerships, social and experiential activity.