Cadbury Dairy Milk 'nibbles' by Hyper and Stink Digital

Cadbury Dairy Milk is unveiling the Caramel Nibbles Boutique, an online pop-up store, to mark the launch of Caramel Nibbles and designer Giles Deacon's collaboration with the brand.

The Caramel Nibbles Boutique is currently in London’s Carnaby Street area, but people can only access the store online.

Hyper London and Stink Digital have created the online pop-up store, a first for the UK, using live video widgets to be embedded on selected high-profile sites and fashion blogs.

The store locations and opening hours of each online widget will not be made public. Consumers will have to collaborate using social media to work out the location of the online store as it jumps from site to site.

Clues will also be featured at and #nibbles Twitter hashtag.

Sites hosting the store include, MSN, plus an array of high profile fashion blogs such as BitchBuzz and Mademoiselle Robot.

The shop opens Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October. Campaign details can be found at