Cadbury employs Bertie Bassett in Euro RSCG Murray Mints work

Cadbury Trebor Bassett is using Bertie Bassett in a £1 million TV campaign to promote its Murray Mints and Mint Imperials sweets.

In the ads, created by Euro RSCG London, Bertie appears to be on a rugby pitch about to take a kick at a Murray Mint.

As the camera pans out, it shows he is in fact on top of a snooker table in a games room in the house he shares with his human friend, Dave.

As he kicks the mint, it flies high across the room and out of the window through two posts, which turn out to be the back of a chair. Through the posts, Dave is waiting open-mouthed to catch the mint.

The ads end with the line: "Bassett's. Where life is sweet."

The advertising breaks on 14 June and will run on all ITV regions, Channel 4, five and satellite TV until 11 July.

Media for the campaign has been planned and bought by Starcom Motive.

Cadbury Trebor Bassett has decided not to promote sweets to children, so the advertising will run during adult programming such as soap operas.

The commercial will launch during the central break in a late showing of Coronation Street on Monday night.

The spots were written by Steve Meredith and art directed by Ray Brennan.

They were directed by Mark Gustafson for Vintons.

Bertie Bassett first appeared in ads for Bassett's branded sweets in 1929.

The character, made out of different Allsorts, is also used in ads for Jelly Babies and Licorice and Fruit Allsorts, a new variant of the sweet for people who don't like the flavour of licorice.