Cadbury 'goo dares wins' by Fallon

Cadbury is celebrating its Creme Egg season this year with a new campaign.

Goo Dares Wins, an integrated marketing campaign, sees Creme Egg becoming the first Cadbury brand to link into the Spots v Stripes initiative that aims to get the entire nation playing games.

Cadbury has embarked on an integrated marketing campaign involving advertising, digital, PR, events, and sales promotion channels working with Fallon, PrettyGreen, PHD and CMW. Goo Dares Wins kicks off with the launch of the website and will see a new TV advertising campaign begin on the 1st of January.

The adt, produced by Fallon, aims to show how there’s a mischievous streak in all of us just waiting to be awoken. The ad will air in the UK from January 2011 for 17 weeks, with a media plan including 30 second and 10 second spots being placed by PHD.

The ad shows Creme Egg creating dares for the public to undertake and the eggs themselves reviewing the ridiculous dares. A second ad uses content taken from the Goo Dares Wins website providing Creme Egg fans the opportunity to be featured in the ad.

The Goo Dares Wins ad was directed by Michael Patrick Jann.