Cadbury 'spots v stripes' by Fallon

Cadbury, the official treat provider of the London 2012 Olympic Games, has launched a new campaign to stimulate the spirit of play before the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The campaign is supported by a TV ad featuring teams of striped and spotted fish in a dramatic underwater game using seaweed balloons.

The ad launches a new programme by Cadbury to get people across the UK playing games by 2012. Cadbury’s Spots v Stripes games, which can be anything from thumb wrestling to crazy golf, involve teams of any number splitting into either the "spot" team or the "stripes" team.

They can also join a Facebook group on the internet to register their scores and find out where their local tiddlywinks or chair hoopla competition is being held.  Key agency partners involved in the initiative include Fallon, PrettyGreen, Brave and Drum PHD.