Cadbury switches Christmas tins for recyclable cardboard boxes

LONDON - Cadbury is giving its Roses and Heroes chocolates a trial green makeover for the Christmas season, swapping their traditional round metal tins for square, recyclable cardboard boxes.

The environmentally friendly packaging will be trialled in Tesco stores this Christmas and, depending on consumer feedbacks, will be rolled out more widely in the future.

The move is part of Cadbury's Purple Goes Green environmental strategy, which includes a pledge to reduce packaging of seasonal and gifting products by 25% by 2010.

Cadbury claims that replacing tins with 100% sustainably sourced cardboard achieves a 45% weight reduction and saves 201 tonnes of steel as a result.

The confectionery giant is hoping to tap into consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

Jo Grice, head of marketing giving and seasonal for Cadbury said: "We know from our research that many of our consumers are dreaming of a green, not white, Christmas this year.

"Introducing an environmental twist on a festive favourite — Roses and Heroes tins — will help us to meet shoppers' ethical concerns while still delivering those magical moments of pleasure this Christmas. And they are far easier to wrap.

"Reducing the packaging across many of our popular ranges such as selection packs and tree decorations is our way of giving the planet a gift this Christmas and will help us meet our environmental commitments."