Camelot 'migrate' by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

AMV BBDO has produced the second brand film in Camelot's new campaign for the National Lottery.  Entitled "Migrate" the 60-second TV ad aims to make players feel good about The National Lottery by dramatising the possibilities created by a National Lottery win. The ad opens on what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a suburban community.  As the viewer follow the flock's journey, it becomes clear it is comprised not of birds, but of bricks.  The bricks behave like birds and continue their journey over fields and mountains to increasingly bright idyllic locations, until they finally reach an idyllic spot in the sunshine by the sea, to begin building a new house.  The ad then cuts back to a gap where a typical English terrace house has gone missing. Just as "Bag of Smiles" the first ad in the Camelot's new campaign asked players the question "What if you won?"  "Migrate" closes with the line "Where would you go?"