Camelot sees better results from WCRS's good causes TV ads

WCRS's new television strategy for Camelot, which features the good causes that benefit from lottery funding, is starting to show the first signs of reversing the poor public image and declining ticket sales afflicting the National Lottery.

The £20 million campaign replaced the much-maligned Billy Connolly ads, which were dumped in January.

"The Billy Connolly ads only really pushed the main Lotto game. The new advertising strategy is the first time Camelot has promoted its entire portfolio in one campaign," David Wood, the group business director on Camelot at WCRS, said.

Sales of the Thunderball game are up 20 per cent year on year. And sales of Lotto HotPicks have increased by more than £4 million year on year since the advertising began. However, a real change in the overall ticket sales problem isn't expected until the introduction of new games, which are due to be rolled out later this year.

WCRS claims the "feel- good" factor of the advertising has also started to alter public perception toward the role of Camelot as the provider of funding. According to Conquest Tracking, there has been an increase of more than 50 per cent in the numbers of regular Lotto players who felt better about playing National Lottery Games.