Campaign Annual 2007: Editorial

There probably isn't another issue of Campaign as eagerly - and nervously - anticipated as this one. Have you made it into our list of the best creative directors?

Are you a top media seller? Are you a big personality? Or do you look like a small man in a bear suit whose "tail" keeps popping out?

Yes, there's accolades aplenty in this year's Annual. None more important, of course, than our roll call of best-in-class companies, from Creative Agency of the Year through Media, DM and Digital, to the best advertisers and campaigns, and the world's premier networks.

All of our contenders this year were put through the usual rigorous (tortuous) analysis and our debates rarely started with consensus, but always concluded with unanimity. Do you agree with our choices? Post your own views at www.brandrepublic.com/campaign.

It's really fantastic to see so much talent and so much great work in evidence during a year that seemed at times stalled by impending change (though I seem to remember writing something similar in last year's Annual). It's certainly true that structural issues have dominated debate this year: integration, the embracing of digital, how cosy to get with media. The business is at a point of shift, but the ideal new model is hard to fathom and will be even harder to effect.

It's against this backdrop that everyone who's scored success this year deserves many congratulations. It hasn't been an easy 12 months and there are plenty of uncertainties ahead. Yet the advertising industry can look back on 2007 with a great deal of pride and a huge amount of satisfaction.