Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Adland Brands

1. Tiger Savage

Even from a tender age, the M&C Saatchi fashionista knew the importance of great branding, proving as much by swapping her name for a ferocious new identity that would encapsulate her creative ambition. Now she epitomises the luxury adland brand, relaunching her look more often than Madonna in her heyday. And what better place to showcase her latest rebrand than at Cannes this year, where her new blonde look went down a storm.

2. Trevor Beattie

Adland's most renowned creative has never been without a clever strategy on his path to national fame. With humble Brummie roots and a passion for public transport, the press-hungry Beattie McGuinness Bungay man positions himself as the curly haired boy next door, who just happens to be one of the most passionate creatives around.

3. Robin Wight

With suits the colour of Paris Hilton's boudoir, you can spot Wight a mile off. But don't be fooled by the flamboyant exterior. Beneath lies a quick-witted and wily businessman, who's spent years building a luminous brand persona.

4. Rory Sutherland

The internet-savvy Sutherland has used his deft grasp of Web 2.0 to firmly establish his geography-teacher-cum-eccentric-toff positioning. But the Ogilvy vice-chairman always manages to pull off that dapper look with great aplomb.

5. Tim Lindsay

Lindsay clearly spends hours perfecting his brand image. From black-tie-chic (he wouldn't be seen dead in a dicky bow) to weekend slacks, the dashing TBWA group chief executive always looks like he's just strolled out of a GQ photoshoot. But despite taking an arguably excessive pride in his appearance, the key to the Lindsay brand is a charm and intelligence that makes him just as interesting to talk to as he is to stare at.

6. Steve Aldridge

With long locks and stubble, the Partners Andrews Aldridge creative partner has made that "Cornwall chic" look his own. But don't be fooled by his laid-back demeanour, Aldridge is a closet brand addict. If you sit him down for lunch, not only will he be top to toe in Ozwald Boateng, he'll have his iPhone out on the table quicker than you can say Steve Jobs.

7. Sarah Gold

If Gold had a tagline, it would surely be: "Great things come in small packages." The diminutive CHI managing partner is always perfectly presented and hides her extremely ambitious personality behind a charming Lancastrian rabbit-in-the-headlights veneer.

8. Jeremy Miles

The Jeremy Miles brand enters the room a few seconds before the great man himself. He has an affection for Aston Martins, fine wine, Hermes, Harry's Bar and cigarettes, and has never even contemplated trying to be trendy. He's true to his values, not the whims of fashion.

9. Simon Waterfall

With his own clothing line and a penchant for wearing women's clothes (including full wedding gowns, no less), Waterfall epitomises digital cool at its quirkiest. This camp and flamboyant branding ensures the Poke creative partner and new D&AD president is always the centre of attention.

10. Maurice Saatchi. With one of the most established brand images in adland, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Saatchi sleeps in his dark suit and thick-framed glasses. His measured and softly spoken speeches can keep any audience hanging on his every word, and are key to his old-school style.