Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Best Celeb Ads

1. PG Tips - Monkey and Al

It was an amazingly smart move by Mother to resurrect the ITV Digital duo. Not only were the ads hilarious, but they were scripted and shot so well that it barely felt like they'd been away. It also led to one of the best jokes about Sir Martin Sorrell to ever grace Private View.

2. Sony Vaio - John Malkovich

Probably the best writing of any ad this year. The script on this is astounding - "Dogs I trust pretty well, horses less so, cos I think they are a little bit stupid" - and matched only by the choice of celebrity. Following the film Being John Malkovich, we already feel used to being inside his head - this campaign by Fallon will run for a long time and just get better.

3. Snickers - Mr T

The big man is back and he ain't pitying fools. The suckas at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO got this one just right (despite not being able to use the original A-Team music), from the tank crushing cars to T's scream as he lobs the Snickers at the chump's head. We're just waiting for Templeton Peck to sign up for L'Oreal.

4. Woolworths - Darth Vader

For years now, the common consensus has been that Bartle Bogle Hegarty is struggling on Woolworths and that Wooly and Worth were lame ducks. Forget that. In the time it takes to power up a lightsaber, the account has turned around by the use of some terrible jokes and Anakin Skywalker, and quite possibly the use of the Jedi mind-trick. Inspired.

5. Nintendo - Steve Davis

Who'd have thought that Steve Davis would be seen on telly making a joke about anal sex for Nintendo? Well, that's what happens in this little gem. Played to perfection by the deadpan snooker legend, it is a billion times better than the dross with Nicole Kidman.

6. BBC Radio 2 - Chris Evans and Russell Brand

Quite possibly two of the most annoying people in the UK actually come across as likeable and funny in these two ads for Radio 2. An almost impossible task achieved admirably.

7. Marks & Spencer - Antonio Banderas et al

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R's Christmas work is Marks & Spencer's best celebrity ad yet, with all of the regular stars looking stunning in their M&S outfits. However, it was the inclusion of Antonio Banderas that was the brooding icing on top of the sexy marzipan on top of the sensual fruitcake.

8. Asda - Paul Whitehouse

After the disappointing Victoria Wood ads, Whitehouse came storming in and, like the Cravendale cow and cyclist, managed to make milk funny. He also proved that when using celebrities unscripted, it generally helps to get someone who's actually amusing.

9. Oxfam Unwrapped - various

"Give a loo to the world." Great advice. Well-scripted and with the correct cast, this was an outstanding celebrity highlight this year. This ad proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that celebrity selection is now of the utmost importance - especially for a charity.

10. Ladbrokes - various

Always a risky punt using footballers - however, Ladbrokes managed to do that nigh-on impossible thing of finding a few with charisma. Boys' advertising at its best - who can't help but laugh at Ally McCoist shouting "Good morning salad dodgers"?