Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Bloggers

1. Scamp - scampblog.blogspot.com

This "39-year-old creative director at BBH" is a must-read with his well-crafted, amusing and always thoughtful musings on ads and the business in general. With regular posts ranging from ads he likes, to practices he doesn't, there's always something to enjoy.

2. Rory Sutherland - brandrepublic.com/campaign/blogs

The intelligent and thoughtful Mr Sutherland writes widely and wittily on the issues facing the industry. Don't expect embedded videos and photos on this blog. The Ogilvy man specialises in thoughtfully written essays that are essential reading.

3. Adliterate - adliterate.com

An entertaining blog by the planner Richard Huntington that ambles around all sorts of marketing issues and has a big following. It delivers on its promise to provide "radical thinking for the brand advice business".

4. Welcome to Optimism - wklondon.typepad.com

This site aims to be a window into life at Wieden & Kennedy for everyone: clients, budding creatives and even nosy journalists. It achieved some notoriety earlier in the year with live coverage of the Nokia pitch, which didn't prevent the agency from winning the business. Even the odd Campaign diary story has been known to have originated from this entertaining blog.

5. Lunar.BBDO - lunarbbdo.blogspot.com

This acid-tongued blog doesn't pull its punches. Sample comment: "If arse-brained ladies really think the Dove foundation is anything other than a cynical marketing ploy dressed up as an exercise in niceness, they don't need a face cream, they need a lobotomy." Ouch.

6. Crackunit - crackunit.com

Poke's Iain Tait keeps this blog "to organise his thoughts" and to avoid having to send e-mails to people with his latest musings. It's a popular read from a digital perspective.

7. Faris Yakob - farisyakob.typepad.com

Yakob is a senior strategist at Naked who is particularly good on digital issues and, under the guise of his "talent imitates, genius steals" sub-heading, develops his thesis on the so-called recombinant culture. Don't be put off by the big words, though. It's well worth a read.

8. Agency spy - agencyspy.wordpress.com

This US blog provides insights into agency news, breaking campaigns and bits of gossip. It often posts up to ten times a day, so there's nearly always something new to read.

9. Punk Planning - charlesfrith.blogspot.com

Charles Frith is another creative planner who keeps his blog entertaining with some frank views and plenty of pictures and videos, often including a pictorial narrative of his evenings out. He has a particular interest in Asia, which makes this blog even more worth visiting.

10. Russell Davies - russelldavies.typepad.com

Regular readers of his column in Campaign will know that Davies is a provocative thinker. The subject matter on his blog covers, well, everything, really.