Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 CEOs

1. Nigel Bogle

The neverending search for perfection marks Bogle out as perhaps adland's most exacting and demanding chief. Still, if Bartle Bogle Hegarty's ongoing and now international success is any marker, he's doing all the right things. Will he ever retire? Don't bank on it.

2. Robert Senior

There are few people in London with the energy and talent to run one agency, let alone two. Quite how Senior will juggle the combined demands of Fallon and Saatchi & Saatchi remains to be seen, but there are no doubts, either in London or Publicis Groupe's Paris HQ, that if anyone can do it, Senior can.

3. Farah Ramzan Golant

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has remained solid as a rock despite numerous senior level management changes in recent years. Ramzan Golant has been unswerving in her duty at the top. Consistent growth and a powerful creative product only ever come out of strong leadership.

4. Jonathan Stead

The quiet but commanding Rapier chief tends to shun the limelight, but that hasn't stopped his agency from going from strength to strength on the back of a series of eye-watering account wins. Rapier is the one to watch when it comes to the next big agency sale.

5. Mark Collier

Another low-key, modest and thoroughly decent bloke, Collier has been the unassuming hand on Dare's tiller since it launched in 2000. Since then, the agency has gone on to become the UK's most consistently successful digital agency, and Collier pulled off the ultimate coup this year, selling a majority stake to Canada's Cossette Communications for an initial £10 million.

6. Johnny Hornby

The CHI & Partners co-founder is the very model of how to make a million in advertising. But to suggest he founded the agency with a sale in mind is to do him a grave injustice - he's toiled tirelessly to build CHI into a strong independent shop, status it crucially retains under the terms of this year's WPP deal.

7. Nigel Sharrocks

As one of media's most seasoned heads, Sharrocks has taken the Aegis agencies from strength to strength. Perhaps his years out of the business (at Warner) have helped him get the right perspective on the industry, perhaps it's simply a case of the value of experience. Whatever, Sharrocks is one of the industry's most likeable and successful chiefs.

8. Phil Georgiadis

Georgiadis must be fed up with references to going it alone without Christine Walker, as though there was ever any doubt that he'd manage without her. Clearly it's not a problem, as Walker Media goes from strength to strength. One of media's most cerebral and provocative thinkers, Georgiadis is also one of the most decent people in the business. With millions now in his pocket from his Walker Media efforts, the question is how long he'll stick around?

9. Debbie Klein

She might have ended the year on maternity leave, but Klein has spent 2007 driving WCRS further and faster. After last year's new-business bonanza, Klein has steered the agency through bedding in the mammoth Sky account and nurturing a raft of impressive creative work.

10. Gary Leih

Ogilvy's outspoken and always entertaining chief isn't just a good talker. He's also brought real coherence and cohesion to the group and injected some much-needed personality at the helm. Now the creative agency really needs to deliver on Leih's impressive promise.